Oxygen Cylinder and Holder Safety Warning

Oxygen Cylinder and Holders Warning

Following an unfortunate incident in the medical domain, Dispomed would like to remind you of the hazards of oxygen in order to protect the personnel of your clinic.

It is important to understand the possible cause of explosion and fire. The friction between aluminium and oxygen pressure can create a spark which could, in turn, create a 1-2 foot flame. Aluminium can burn at a pressure as low as 25 psi, whereas brass doesn’t burn at pressures below 10,000 psi. Petroleum based products are not recommended for use with oxygen as they are also prone to cause explosion or fire.


  • Designate the key to be used to open the oxygen cylinder and ensure that it is used for the purpose only.
  • Always wash your hands before changing the oxygen cylinder.
  • Purchase regulators and cylinder holders made of brass.
  • Make sure the gasket is correctly in place on small cylinders.
  • Have the cylinder and the holder inspected every year.

Support de bonbonneWhen purchasing cylinder holders, consult the only veterinary equipment manufacturer that follows FDA recommendations.

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  1. Does your site have an area where i can buy an oxygen cylinder? i’m not seeing anything in my search. thanks

    • Hi,
      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, you can’t buy oxygen cylinder on our website. You can howver contact us directly for more information at 1-450-759-9395.


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