Autoclave maintenance guide

Autoclave maintenance guide

At Dispomed we know that a properly functional autoclave is an essential part of a safe practice, which is why we would like to share with you some technical tips to extend the life of your autoclave unit.

Weekly maintenance

Chamber Brite Autoclave CleanersHere are a few simple steps to a hassle-free cleaning with Chamber Brite.

For better results, clean autoclave every 20 cycles or once a week.

Sprinkle Chamber Brite powder 1 . Sprinkle Chamber Brite powder along the bottom of the autoclave chamber

Caution : the chamber must be cold.

Start a sterilization cycle 2. Start a sterilization cycle with distilled water but no drying cycle.

Drain solution and fill reservoir 3 . At the end of the cycle drain solution from reservoir and discard.

4 . Fill reservoir and repeat steps 2 and 3 without Chamber Brite.

Wipe the interior of the chamber5 . Wipe the interior of the chamber with a damp cloth or a sponge.

Fill reservoir with distilled water6 . Fill reservoir with distilled water.

7 . The autoclave is now ready to use!

Monthly maintenance

Autoclave monthly maintenanceIt is recommended to check the proper functioning of the pressure bleed valve, at least once a month. During a cycle, use a long screwdriver or a pair of pliers to momentarily open the bleed valve by pulling on the relief pin.

Caution: use a long tool and protect your hands to avoid burns from the steam which will exit from the relief pin.

Annual maintenance

Annual maintenanceTo prevent water leaks and the obstruction of some orifices, it is recommended, at least once a year, to have some of the components of the autoclave (door gasket, bellow, air jet and e.p.a filter ) checked and replaced by a qualified technician.

Would you like more information about autoclave maintenance? Contact us.


  1. Hi i have unique OAC-2000 Organic Autoclave Cleaner & Sterilizer??

    is all natural, environmentally safe, bio-degradable, designed to clean and kill germs on all stainless steel surfaces.

    • Thank you for your info. Since we are not the manufacturers of the autoclaves that we sell , we only recommend the products suggested by the manufacturer. If you wish to have your product approved, you should contact Tuttnauer, the manufacturer.

      Thank you

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